10 good movies that are worth watch on mother’s Day (Video)

10 хороших фильмов, которые стоит посмотреть в День матери (Видео)

Movies about moms, about their love, sacrifice, faith, forgiveness, and the price you sometimes have to pay for the happiness of being a mother and the difficult choices that sometimes they have to do.

“Mother” (1976, directed by Elizabeth Bostan)

The movie that became classics of the musical children’s movie, was filmed by Romanian Director Elizabeth Bostan and is a co-production of the USSR, Romania and France with an international cast. The production of paintings was engaged in Studio “Mosfilm”, where scenes were filmed in the interiors, the Romanian Studio “Bucuresti”, responsible for shooting on location, as well as the French company “Relux-Film”.

The film got its interesting reading the tales of the brothers Grimm “the wolf and the seven little kids” (the scenario had a hand in Yuri Entin), so interestingly written characters and acting, well, of course, music and songs. Mother-the Goat (aka Aunt Mary, she’s Happy) performed by Lyudmila Gurchenko was one of the most famous moms in the Soviet children’s cinema. The company she picked up too, not the worst: it is enough to recall the names of Oleg Popov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Natalia Krachkovskaya, Savely KRAMAROVA, Vera Ivleva and others. Of other interesting facts worth to mention that “Mom” exists in three versions – Russian, Romanian and English, each of which was filmed and voiced separately.

“Kinfolk” (1981, directed by Nikita Mikhalkov)

A simple story about complex human relationships, shot nearly forty years ago and today remains a vital and relevant, despite the fact that pays homage to his time. The balance between funny, dramatic and tragic seasoned perfectly. This really is often laughter through tears knowing how much misunderstanding can be even between very close people, about how funny and ridiculous barriers they put between themselves – in particular, the mother and daughter and her family. In this movie there is good and bad, and there are just ordinary people who commit mistakes themselves suffering from this.

The main character Maria Konovalova in the performance of Nonna Mordyukova is also not perfect, but she definitely won’t deny, it’s simplicity and sincerity. However, other heroines, this actress is brilliant and almost did not play. Walk-through the characters in her film career on the strength of several. All his heroines on the screen she lived, investing, and giving them all kind of tape with its part not take. Although the “Kin” in the whole representative names even in small roles involved stars: Svetlana Kryuchkova, Yuri Bogatyryov, Oleg Menshikov, Ivan Bortnik, Rimma Markova, Alexander Adabashyan, Vsevolod Larionov, finally talented playing and then filmed a good movie.

“Stop! Or my mom will shoot” (1992, directed by Roger Spottiswoode)

The painting, which he recalls Stallone reluctantly and which is very skeptical, however, can be attributed to one of the best and most unusual in his filmography. First, sly didn’t play, and plays in comedies. Second, his detective Joe Born have enough weaknesses and vulnerabilities that were not inherent in either Rambo or rocky (where the writers tried, but came out not very convincingly), or judge Dredd or John Spartan of “the Destroyer”, and in 2010 and Barney Ross in the series “the Expendables.” Thirdly, he had a stunning duet with on-screen mother character played by Estelle Getty. Film of what I was going almost from the very beginning positioned itself as a Comedy and not trying to aspire to more.

Thus between his business unobtrusively manages to say some serious things on the subject of trust and understanding between people. And it’s not only about the detective and his mother. Still a funny situation, which was mainly responsible Stallone and Getty, worked perfectly, and the music by Alan Silvestri, who wrote, among others, the soundtracks for such hits as “Forrest Gump” and “Back to the future”, adds the ribbon of energy and good mood.

“The good son” (1993), directed by Joseph Rubin

This film is about the difficult choices that sometimes have to do mother. Susan Evans (Wendy Crewson), he will be well very heavy! In addition, it’s a movie about how the tendency of parents to believe and assume that their children are the best and most wonderful in the world, sometimes it is only harmful, because the reality is, so to speak, is somewhat different. Of course, this film’s plot is ruby is not exhausted. Before we attempt to explore the inner world of the child, child psychology, and she is probably one of the most successful in the feature film.

It’s time to pay tribute to busy starring Macaulay Calcio and Elijah Voodoo – one of the most promising young talents of Hollywood’s early 90’s. One of them later managed to realize themselves in a great movie, second, I hope that I haven’t said it’s last words. The highest ratings it deserves and the professionalism of the Director Joseph Rubin, which approaches to one and the other. And if the wood it was easier with Kalkin , behind which loomed the shadow of Kevin McCallister from home Alone, it was much more difficult. However, the efforts were not wasted: Macaulay played in the end, it is still his best film role, which cult film of Columbus, for all his virtues, does not go to any comparison.

 “Stepmom” (1998, directed by Chris Columbus)

The film, part of almost all collection of the best movies about moms. And deservedly so. The center of attention – quite a life story: the couple divorced, the husband goes to another woman, held hostage by children. Subsequently, the situation was complicated by yet another dramatic circumstance, which will make the picture even more emotional. Bad and good no, again, everyone – really, everyone at a different time from nerves and changes the shutter speed. However, children, with their keen sense and a belief that everything in life should be properly and fairly – again, it’s harder to accept and embrace the new circumstances.

Acting two Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon is magnificent, very good and the two-time winner of the “Golden globe” ed Harris. Not to mention the good work Chris Columbus with the children: a young Jena Malone and Liam Aiken is clearly not lost in stellar company. A good Supplement to the picture and the atmospheric soundtrack by John Williams, who worked well together with Columbus (Williams wrote the soundtrack to “home Alone” and the films of Harry Potter) and other cult Directors, among them Steven Spielberg (“Schindler’s List”, “Saving private Ryan”, “Terminal”, “Catch me if you can”) and George Lucas (“Star wars”).

“August: County Assag” (2013, directed by John wells)

Another brilliant drama about the relationship of parents and children, kept in the family nest dramatic circumstances. The latter, however, will not prevent hard showdown when it seems to pop up all the old resentments, the feelings are exacerbated to the limit, and cabinets crept all the skeletons. The main advantage of the picture – the incomparable Meryl Streep in the role of violet Weston, the mother of the family. She is a true Patriarch-aristocrat, for which, of course, and there are sins.

However, in the film, there is someone to watch, and in addition to it. So, her daughter played by Julia Roberts, there is also Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who will be interesting to look in the second plan, as in his projects he often solo, and several notable figures. Worthy of attention and degree of emotions, one of the highlights of which will be a fight between heroines Streep and Roberts. Melee between Oscar competition – it’s also not every day you see…

“Mama” (2013, directed by Andrew Moschetti)

Moms care about their children – a full-fledged heroine not only dramas, melodramas, and comedies and thrillers with horror films. Given the characteristics of the genre, this mission they can achieve the status of living or dead. As well as very caring and can take very peculiar forms. There are also options when the moms confront living dead – the result here is different. Of course, the canadian-Spanish horror Andres, Mosketti is just one of a succession of similar, more or less successful.

In the case of “Mother” to Moscetti don’t: the story itself, atmosphere, intrigue, tension, characters, horror – it all worked out well and I spent watching 100 minutes at least no regrets. At the same time, and some superawesome the picture is not present: all is well, but strictly according to the canons.

“Light in the ocean” (2016, directed by Derek Cianfrance)

But this is a film about the price you sometimes have to pay for the happiness of motherhood, especially when it is bought at the cost of compromise with his conscience and not very righteous act. Once the heroine Alicia Vikander took a chance on him to go, which resulted in her subsequent pain and despair. Although there will not be a right or wrong to understand in this triangle can all: and Isabel, that life experiences over and over again very hard way, and morally crippled First world Tom (Michael Fassbender), eager family love and happiness, and Hannah (Rachel Weisz), the fate of which is also happy call.

Thus, the unfolding of drama, the denouement of which is impossible to predict, unless, of course, did not read the novel by M L. Stedman, which removed the picture. All the main roles are played at a very high level, although personally I was a little more impressed with the heroine Vikander.

 “Pryputni” (2016, directed by Arkady Nepytalyuk)

Arkady Nepytalyuk took a brilliant drama about three generations of an ordinary Ukrainian family – a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter. The film is as close to current realities, it is literally a slice of life, because such villages are dozens all over the Ukraine, and heroes “Priputina” many will recognize themselves and their loved ones. The picture without black and white paint and just shows how hard things can be, even between the closest people. Sometimes misunderstanding arises on an almost empty place when fatigue, frustration with life, coupled with hurt pride prevented to give in, to remain silent, to apologize, to admit his mistake concerning a loved one that deep down you truly love. But no thrown a temper insulting sarcastic word again inflames emotions and anger, irritation growing exponentially. And external socio-economic factors only partly there. To find understanding, we must first work on yourself, something in yourself to win and to overcome, and it’s probably the hardest work, even harder than physical labor.

While viewing times remembered “Kaydasheva family” Ivan Nechui Levitsky and flashed the thought of how little has changed since then in relations between people. At least, the problems remain the same, and film of Nepytalyuk reminds them harshly and truthfully. After I watch and repeat in my head “Pryputni”, is somehow not surprising that the pattern of this year has outstripped the number of nominations for “Golden Dzyga”, “Cyborg” by Akhtem Seytablaev (11 vs 9). Everything is absolutely the case, and statuette for Nina Naoki for the role of the second plan (Baba Zina) is just the minimum that deserves this picture. Did a great job with their roles also Elena Uzluk playing her daughter Luda, and Yulia Vrublevskaya, who plays the granddaughter Svetlana.

“Someone else’s prayer” (2017, directed by Ahtem Seytablaev)

The slogan of this picture could be the words: “Motherhood in the name of salvation.” The history of the Crimean Tatar said Aripova, who saved during world war II in the Crimea, about 70 Jewish orphans from two empires, Nazi and Soviet – is unlikely to leave someone indifferent. For the sake of these children it is, in fact, has become their real mother – caring and loving. At the same time, the film is a question of choice, it is also very difficult. Because the harboring of Jews threatens the death of her and her children. The moment this selection is shown in the picture very thin, strong and convincing. And the whole Lily Yatsenko played in a “Strange prayer” is one of the best roles, so her nomination for the “Golden Dzyga” for best actress is well deserved.

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