10 ideas of names rare

10 idées de prénoms rares

Do you like the names original and unique ? Discover our selection for little girls and little boys have to find the rare pearl !

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Side boys…
The masculine first name Aristide comes from two Greek words “aristos” and ” eidès “, which together mean ” son of the best “. This is a name that the future dads will all love it ! Many personalities of Antiquity have, as Aristide the Just. Popular in the late Nineteenth century, it then fell into oblivion during the Twentieth century. Today, it remains a first name that is rare but of which the coast increases. This name would be carried by approximately 3 000 people in France currently.

The name Balthazar is especially known to be one of the three magi who came to visit Jesus. He comes from Bel-Shar-Oursour, itself derived from the term babylonian “balat sar usur,” which means ” protects the life of the king “. Its popularity is slightly rising since the early 1990s, but it remains a name to be rare. There are approximately 1 000 Balthazar in France currently.

Ferdinand is a surname of germanic origin. He would come to ” fried “, “protector” (or ” frithu “, ” peace “) and ” nant “, ” courageous “. It has been worn by many personalities, including several emperors of Austria, the grand dukes of Tuscany, the kings of Naples, but Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Ferdinand de Lesseps, the marshal Ferdinand Foch… The first name Fernand is derived from it.

Between Hilary and hilary, there is only a step : in fact, in latin “hilaris” meaning ” cheerful “. Hilary is originally a girl’s name, before becoming exclusively male. In the anglo-saxon world, he is best known for the feminine form of Hillary. Since always, it is a name quite rare, and so original.

Lazarus is the rendition in Latin of the name jew Eleazar, itself derived from the Hebrew “el azar” meaning ” God helped me “. In the Old Testament, Lazarus was the brother of Moses. For the past few years, this name has a small boost in popularity, but is still classified under the names rare, with an about sixty births per year approximately.

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… and side girls
Althea is a female name rare, given to a dozen babies every year since 2000. It is also a very pretty name, reminiscent of a delicate purple flower. Althea is the name given to a shrub ornamental that is also known as hibiscus or marshmallow tree. In Greek mythology, Althaea was the daughter of king Thestius.

Astrée is a name of girl which has a nice history. In Greek mythology, Astraea was the daughter of Zeus. As she could not bear the violence of the earthly world, she decided to join the sky to live among the stars. Hence its name, which comes from the Greek “astron” and which refers to the constellation of the Virgin. This name was very popular in Antiquity. He made a timid reappearance since the early 90’s.

Ethel is the diminutive of several names in the Middle Ages, disappeared today, as Ethelbruge, Etheldreda… The root of German “athal” meaning ” noble “. This female name has been very popular in the anglo-saxon world in the late Nineteenth century. Today, it has fallen into disuse, but seems to find the colors with the fashion of first names that are short, although there are still rare.

Petronilla is a name very ancient, derived from the latin word ” petros “, which means a stone, a rock, and which has given a name much more common : Stone. It has been worn by princesses, as in the Twelfth century, Petronila of Aragon, the daughter of the king of Aragon, or Petronilla of Aquitaine, sister of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

This female name is derived from Seraphim comes from a Hebrew word meaning ” burning “, ” burning “. In the christian religion, the seraphim are the angels who stand nearest the throne of God. For the small history, Sainte-Séraphine, his real name Sueva, was the wife of the duke of Pesaro in Italy. He locked up his wife in a convent in 1457 to stop his infidelities. She finally decided to take the veil and chose the name of Seraphina.

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