10 of the most ridiculous and funny incidents on the British Royal weddings

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Today Meghan Markle has released an official statement which confirmed that her father will not attend her wedding with Prince Harry (a celebration, will take place already on Saturday!). Now the bride and groom will need urgently to change some plans and decide who will lead Megan to the altar.

The Royal wedding, which, as a rule, are prepared much in advance, only at first glance seem ideal, but they happen unpleasant incidents, mishaps and missteps. About the ten most interesting of them telling in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.

Broken tiara of Queen Elizabeth II

To marry Queen Elizabeth II was in the precious Fringe tiara, which was made in 1830 and had to serve as a decoration not a single Royal personage. However, on the morning of the wedding the hairdresser, who apparently was very much fascinated by the bride’s hairstyle, managed to snap this memorable accessory. Fortunately, to fix it in time, and to the altar Elizabeth II went to the family precious decoration. In this tiara many years later married the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anna.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

The oath of Prince Charles

Saying wedding vows, Prince Charles was so worried about what confused words. In the end, is to promise future wife to share all that belongs to him, the son of Queen Elizabeth II invited his bride to share in all that belongs to her.

Princess Diana forgot the name of the groom

The bride of Prince Charles also scored. She, however, went even further and forgot the name of her fiance, calling him Philip Charles Arthur George, while had to speak to him as Charles Philip.

Severe headache of Princess Diana

Perhaps the reason that reservation was not only in great excitement Princess Diana, and her excruciating headache, which caused a heavy tiara adorning her head.

In the evening after the ceremony we went to a private party, where she looked incredibly happy, because I finally removed the tiara. In this decoration, she had to spend all morning, as long as she never wore

— told the brother of Princess Diana Charles Spencer.

Wrinkled dress Diana, Princess of Wales

Confused by the name of the groom and severe headache did not stop. Princess Diana the wedding took many difficult tests. And one of them was her dress that was badly wrinkled after riding in a carriage.

Crying bridesmaid

Got this the day and guests from Princess Diana. Five year old granddaughter of Winston Churchill, which, together with the other children accompanied the bride at the ceremony, at some point, tripped on her wedding dress and cried. Diana immediately asked the girl, not much one hit, and it looked very touching.

Prince William did not sleep the night before the wedding

A good night’s sleep before an important and perhaps the most important day in his life Prince William has failed. Because of the screaming fans of the Royal family, who spent the night singing under his window, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II was able to take a NAP only half an hour.

They sang and clapped all night, and I was very nervous, so almost did not sleep all night

— he admitted.

Crazy horse at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Suddenly enraged, the horse threw his rider at that moment when Kate Middleton and Prince William heading into Buckingham Palace, and ran right past them. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Engagement ring is too small

And although before the wedding, Kate Middleton thinner, and in General she’s a pretty fragile girl, her engagement ring however was a bit small. Put it on my fiancee to Prince William, which from excitement shook hands, managed with great difficulty.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Legendary frame kiss Kate Middleton and Prince William

This touching kiss, of course, was hardly the best moment of the wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William. But made him not the bride and groom and the little girl who hit the shot and his whole appearance hinted that she this wedding is utterly tired.

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