10 people came to the hospital, because instead of flu vaccinations they inject insulin

10 человек попали в больницу, потому что вместо прививок от гриппа им вкололи инсулин

10 people, some with disabilities, hospitalized after mistakenly given an injection of insulin instead of flu vaccinations.

At least 10 people in Oklahoma were hospitalized Wednesday evening after he had received unnecessary injections of insulin.
According to rescue service of Bartlesville, medical workers vaccinated against influenza in Jacqueline’s house, an institution for people with disabilities. For unclear reasons ampoules with the vaccine mixed with a substance for diabetics.

Patients greatly decreased blood sugar, simpay was the same for everyone. Eight inhabitants of the institution, and two employees were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Although the injections do medical doctor with experience in 40 years, now he will have to go through the investigation of negligence.

Fortunately, none of the patients was seriously injured.