11-year-old boy stole three cars and arranged races with police

11-летний мальчик трижды угонял авто и устраивал гонки с полицейскими

The boy retaliated unusual parents.

A boy aged 11 years, took the habit of stealing my parents car, if they “hurt,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Autoblog.

What if the parents for poor grades or for some other reasons took away your PlayStation?

No, not correct, and to steal from them in retaliation, a car to drive on city streets at speeds over 100 km/h. that is What the hero of the movie, chose a theft tool in the fight against “tyranny” mom and dad. This is the third time he enters the field of view of the police. Enraged by the seizure of consoles 11-year-old boy took the SUV

Dodge Durango their parents and made it race rage at the evening city, flying the intersections at speeds over 100 km/h on a strip of counter movement. A boy at such a young age already has a wealth of experience in such races, bearing the danger to others. So, in 2017, he drove the car twice, and both times the police had to chase him to stop.

Fine the offender even became the hero of the show “highway patrol”, when I was flying on the roads of Ohio to the speed of 160 km/h. Stop it could only ribbons with thorns, which pierced the car’s wheels. This time a young reckless driver stole the car late in the evening, but due to inappropriate behavior, it drew the attention of the police. During the chase young fan of computer games has accelerated to a speed of 112 km/h, but eventually crashed into a parked truck.

He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. At the present time against the young offender is preparing the prosecution of a criminal offense, which will be sent to the juvenile court.

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