15-year-old champion of Russia died, charging the phone in the bathroom

15-летняя чемпионка России погибла, заряжая телефон в ванной

The investigative Committee of the Irkutsk region started checking into the death of 15-year-old Irina Rybnikova — champion of Russia in pankration (revived the ancient Greek Olympic combat in which fighters can use punches and kicks, and wrestling techniques). About it reports “Russian newspaper”.

Irina, who lived in the city of Bratsk, found dead in her own bathtub. Apparently, the girl was talking on the phone, lying in the water when standing on recharging the smartphone fell into the water. The young athlete died from the shock.

The title of champion of Russia Irina won two months ago, after which it was included in the national team. And, according to friends, dreamed of becoming a world champion.

A few days earlier it was reported about the death of Malaysia’s 16-year-old teenager who died as a result of the shock after I connected the headphones to the smartphone is charging.

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