20th Century Fox : What will change (or not) now that Disney has bought the studio






After months and months of war behind the scenes, Fox has finally accepted the offer of the Disney studio, which proposed to buy the car for as little as $ 71.3 billion, beating at the same time its competitor Comcast. A new era is emerging-and it will take time to prepare.

Although the redemption, strictly speaking, the 21st Century Fox shall not be effective until the first half of 2019, while the world’s eyes are riveted on the transaction history, with a lot of people who also have knees tremble. The 2,300 employees of the group, first of all, who still do not know what sauce they will be eaten, and the spectators who flippent as well as it should to see a “disneyisation” of certain franchises. While a big uncertainty on a lot of points in this case, the Wall Street Journal led his small survey to find out what would be the first measures taken by the new bosses.



Already, don’t worry, Disney has no intention of jeopardizing the schedule of the immediate outputs of the Fox. In fact, everything that is in the process of being completed or in course of production at the time of the acquisition is expected to be released in cinemas as planned. This ensures an output to The Predator, or even X-Men : Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, among others. But, because there’s always one, especially with Disney, it is impossible for the moment to know what will happen to the projects that are currently under development and have not yet started shooting them. And it is not yet known, at the present time, if these future films will come out under the banner of Fox or Disney.

What is certain, however, is that all movies related to super-heroes, like X-Men and The Fantastic 4, as well as the aftermath ofAvatar. embrace the Disney brand. Just like the films they deem the general public. Where they start to ask, it’s concerning the subsidiaries of the Fox, including Fox Searchlights and Fox 2000, which, according to the sources of the article should continue to exist without as much as no confirmation has been made for the moment.


The new mutants will emerge one day from their cell


A direct consequence of the redemption, new projects are implemented, and not least because it speaks even of a new movie, The Simpsons, movie family guy, while in parallel The ice Age and Night at The museum should be coming back soon to tv series. Of course, the biggest question that arises about the films more adult and in particular genre films. Again, nothing of course, and several sources contradict each other. If on the one hand, nothing should change, on a other hand, we are told that Disney ambitionnerait release of the new line of the Fox anything that would not be PG-13 (the equivalent in France of a film for all audiences). An announcement to take course with a grain of salt, but which resonates with the greatest fear of a part of the public. It is hoped, however, that Disney will not be stupid enough to commit such an error.


The ice age back soon… on tv


Finally, in the light of all these details, how does not conclude with the words of an internal source of a Fox who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, and that sums up the situation well :

“We do the thing we know best, namely to put one foot in front of the other.”

And there, frankly, all is said.




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