22-year-old man from Florida was raped 10-year-old girl whom he met via Snapchat

22-летний мужчина из Флориды изнасиловал 10-летнюю девочку, с которой познакомился через Snapchat

An adult male from Florida was arrested after he raped a 10-year-old girl whom he met via Snapchat.

State police reported that 22-year-old Austin Altman (Altman Austin) went to pick up the child in the neighboring County of Hernando on Saturday and took her to his home in spring hill. According to the County Sheriff’s office Pasco, the victim Altman is just 10 years old, he took the girl without any consent of her parents and made over her for a few types of sexual violence.

According to investigators, 10-year-old girl asked Altman to stay “at least four times,” but he continued. The victim reported that the man was gripping her throat, forcing her to be obedient.

Police found the girl in the bedroom Altman. He later admitted that he had met her in chat and just brought home for sex.