$ 25M more under construction in 2017

Residential construction is down in 2017 in Sherbrooke. This is not less than the best year since 2013 for the total value of investments in construction and renovation, or $ 326.6 million, thanks in particular to the institutional sector.

“In the residential, the value decreases by 14%, but the number of units has not declined. It is a budget that is a little down, “summarizes Yves Tremblay, director of the Department of Urban Planning and Sustainable Development at the City of Sherbrooke. The number of new homes, at 824, is slightly lower than the one seen in 2016, or 873.

The construction of ?cole C ($ 9.6 million) in the Rock Forest sector and ?cole Plein-Soleil ($ 2.2 million) in the Saint-Joseph Plateau sector contributes to 42% the value of permits in the institutional field.

“This is a year equivalent to last year, so about the same value of work, or $ 326 million, for just over 5000 permits issued. CMHC projections indicated that residential housing should stabilize in numbers, and that’s what we’re seeing … ”

The borough with the highest value of permits is that of Jacques-Cartier and Mont-Bellevue, for $ 150 million, while the value of these permits jumped by 94% in Lennoxville. The largest number of permits for new construction was issued in Borough 1, which includes Rock Forest, Saint-?lie, Deauville and Brompton. Commercial investments fell by $ 40 million.

Major projects completed in 2017 included Motrec ($ 2.9 million), the Brompton industrial multi-use building ($ 4 million) and the construction of an 18-unit building ($ 2.2 million) in the region. District 4.

There are also 1402 complaints and requests concerning health and the environment, including for the collection of waste, external nuisances, the housing code, buildings found to be non-compliant and work done without a permit.

An intervention plan against insalubrity

Councilor Nicole Bergeron has also asked for more proactivity for interventions in unhealthy housing. “Have we not reached the point where we should be more proactive and visit areas where we know that there are problems given the age of housing and properties? Just going there as a result of complaints, this may not be optimal. We all have a concern that people can stay in places that can breathe air that is not stale, not to feel that they heat the outside and that galleries and stairs are not dangerous . ”

Ms. Bergeron quotes the door-to-door election, during which disturbing observations were made. “There are places where you wonder if you can go up and down with all your members and when the doors open, it seems sometimes impossible for us to live in such conditions. We should try to have an intervention plan to be more proactive in this area. ”

She suggests including hiring students who could visit homes at risk.

Mayor Steve Lussier mentioned that incentives to address safety issues would be discussed in camera on Monday.

Vincent Boutin wanted to ensure that there was no longer a moratorium on the construction of new homes because of the situation of wastewater treatment plants. “We have five treatment plants and the treatment capacity is reached in three cases. I will come back soon with a file on this subject, “said Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Infrastructure Department at the City of Sherbrooke.

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