30 names for boys inspired by the series of the 90’s

30 prénoms pour garçons inspirés des séries des années 90

Sebastian, Aristide, Will, John, Billy… are you Going to choose for your future little boy with a name inspired by a character from a series of 90’s ? Our selection will convince you.

30 prénoms pour garçons inspirés des séries des années 90Parents, your gaze can influence the weight of your enfantsCes parents who humiliate their children on the WebCes parents who torture their enfantOui, the parents have a favorite child !What’s the dream of parents for their children ?

The second trimester of pregnancy ends : hello third and final trimester ! The room is nicely decorated, the festival helps to reveal to the relatives the sex of the baby is gone, his clothes are bought, his cozy bed and his stuffed animals too… just born, the little boy already has it all.

It’s missing one thing, and that is perhaps the most important element. You still don’t know how to call your son. Daddy wants a name short, Mum prefers first names compounds… You have the impression that you never get to agree on the perfect name.

But you have a point in common all the two : the nostalgia of the 90’s. Video games, music of the era, movies and books… All of these elements of the times you are missing ! In particular, television series such as Hélène and the boys, Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210.

A choice to be uncommon in 2018

So why not take a surname of one of the characters of these shows ? You’ll be spoilt for choice ! Brandon, Leo, Nicolas, Christian… Considered a bit nerdy to some, they are for the most very common today, you should do a proof of originality.

If you want to inspire you the first names of the characters of the series of the 90s, see our slideshow.

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