5 beaches in Toronto are considered unsafe due to Escherichia coli (PHOTOS)

5 пляжей Торонто считаются небезопасными из-за кишечной палочки (ФОТО)

Weekend in Toronto, which promised to be beautiful, can be ruined for residents. The storms that raged in the city this week, has created problems for the sewer system. It turned out that 5 of the 11 public beaches open to the public, may be unsafe due to Escherichia coli.

Among them were: Centre Island Beach, Ward’s Beach, Cherry Beach, Sunnyside Beach and Marie Curtis Park East Beach. The Ministry of health asked to be extremely careful.

Previously, the city issued a warning, which was recommended in principle to avoid visiting beaches.

A large number of condoms, tampons and other debris observed in the Inner Harbour. Residents are asked to refrain from swimming in any bodies of water after heavy rains, flooding and other precipitation, since water may be the high content of harmful bacteria.

Of course, the city’s warning did not deter people from visiting public beaches, where there is a large concentration of residents that simply avoid water. People relax there with their children, allowing them to play near the water, but not in it.

In Toronto combined sewer system where sewage and storm water, a heavy downpour caused her overcrowding, and filth eventually ended up in lake Ontario. Elise Maki, coordinator of the monitoring undertaken in Toronto organization Swim Drink Fish, reported that in the water you can see all of that “people flush the toilet”.

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