60-year-old Madonna did not hesitate to undress before the camera

60-летняя Мадонна не постеснялась раздеться перед камерой

The star has posted a racy selfie in underwear.In the summer of Madonna is 60 years old, however this does not mean that the singer has ceased to publish provocative photos in the social network.

On the contrary, it seems that the star does this as often as never before, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to the gloss.

She posted in Instagram a racy photo on which poses in Lacy underwear. Journalists from the British newspaper MailOnline even considered that the frame is too revealing, so intimate places Madonna “covered” square. At first glance it seems that the body of the singer covered with a vascular net (or weird dark spots), but it’s “smoky” mirror with a specific pattern.

Many netizens admired a beautiful sports figure and celebrity in the comments to the post asked how she managed to keep the harmony. The singer, who gave birth to two children, admits that she has no special secret of how to stay in shape.Her method – a large number of classes in the hall. Madonna doing strength and cardio activity, attends yoga and Pilates. All sports take it two hours a day.

60-летняя Мадонна не постеснялась раздеться перед камерой

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