88-year-old actress became the face of Gucci

88-летняя актриса стала лицом Gucci

Hedren appears in a bright and stylish images.

American actress and Muse of Alfred Hitchcock Tippi Hedren in his 88 years and only recently stepped away from an acting career. However, the fashion house Gucci decided to invite her for advertising a new jewelry collection.

Fashion designer Alessandro Michele suggested for Tippy to become the face of the advertising campaign of the jewelry collection of Chanel and to try yourself in the role of a fortuneteller. Famous actress and young models for Campana was shot by renowned photographer Colin Dodgson.

The photographs Hedren appears in a bright and stylish images, showing on the entire body a number of fine jewelry: watch, earrings, chains and rings. 88-year-old Tippy in the image of the fortune-teller looks very well and effectively. Entourage photo stories complement the magic ball, natural stones and candles.

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