90-year-old, he sexually assaults a teenager: “grandpa’s heart” condemned

A 90 ans, il agresse sexuellement une ado: le "papi de coeur" condamné

The court sentenced a man to 90 years in a prison farm as reported in La Dépêche du Midi. The individual, a recidivist, was convicted of gestures on a teenage girl and threatened with a weapon.

The facts are sadly commonplace, but the profile of the person sentenced, him, is much more unusual: a man of 90 years has been sentenced to prison for sexual assault and threats with a weapon against a teenage girl and her mother, as reported in this Sunday 17 La Dépêche du Midi.

The facts date back to 2018 and will take place at Aigrefeuilles (Charente-Maritime). A mother and her daughter –now aged 15– take friendship for in his nineties, animal lovers and who will offer the two ponies to the young girl. “It was a single man, divorced two times, at odds with his family. A man high in color, surrounded by animals. I felt a real friendship for him. We were going to see almost all the weekends,” explains the mother of a family during a trial about the man she called her “grandpa’s heart”. But the situation goes awry.

The man is going to demand that the girl kisses him on the mouth while the mother is present. A hand of the old man, with a shotgun. Mother and daughter décampent quickly. In August, the mother decides to file a complaint, and in September, the old man will threaten the two women to their home, always armed with his gun accusing them of stealing it.

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The investigation will show that the lovable grand-father that they had known was also a sex offender, repeat offender, sentenced in 2005 and 2015 for assault on minors. The teenager will also explain that, in addition to the cases of threats with weapons, it also suffered many touching on the buttocks and kisses forced.

At the bar, the accused will deny the facts and explain that if he has threatened the mother and the daughter with her weapon, it was a result of the theft of a sum of 160,000 euros in cash.

The old man has finally been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment of which 8 months farm. It will be prohibition of going to the minors and will have to compensate his victims to the tune of 11,000 euros.

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