A 13-year old girl stabs 3 times a teen of 15 years old in the back

Une jeune fille de 13 ans poignarde 3 fois un ado de 15 ans dans le dos

The events took place Tuesday morning in the vicinity of the college Albert-Thierry de Limay in the Yvelines department.

There was an altercation on a bus between an adolescent of 15 years and another young man.

And then the brawl continued to the descent of the bus, with a stop located close to the college. The ado taking over on his opponent, a young 13-year old daughter intervened to protect the latter.

She took out a kitchen knife from his bag and stabbed him in the back with the young man from 15 years to at least three times.

The victim was transported urgently to the hospital. His prognosis, however, is not committed.

As for the girl, she was arrested a few moments later as she returned to the college. His knife was found in the toilet.

She has come to recognize the facts a few hours later in police custody. She underwent a psychiatric expertise.

“He is a person without history, a student quiet. But apparently, it was confused with young people from other schools. ” says one of his school mates.

As for the boy, who is in a fight with the victim, it is still sought after by the police.