A 2-year old child found dead in bed at his grandparents

Un enfant de 2 ans retrouvé mort dans son lit chez ses grands-parents

A child, aged 2 years, was found lifeless in his bed at the home of his grandparents in Villenoy, Seine-et-Marne, where he had come to spend the holidays of end of the year.

It is the parents who have made the macabre discovery Tuesday, 1 January, at around 23H50, in the room of the little one.

The rescue, arrived on the scene, have only been able to see the death of the boy.

An autopsy will be performed in the next few days to know the causes of his death.

But, according to the first elements, any door to believe that he was suffocated in his vomit.

In fact, according to the parents, their son had been suffering for ten days of high fever and convulsions. He had been taken to the hospital a few days earlier in the region of Toulouse, where the family resides.

Tuesday night, the parents were given a drug based on paracetamol to their child before bedtime.