A 2-year old child reported missing found in a state of hypothermia

Un enfant de 2 ans porté disparu retrouvé en état d'hypothermie

It was 5: 45 AM, this Sunday morning, when the father of a family residing in Seine-Maritime has reported the disappearance of her 2 year old son.

Very quickly, a large backup device has been put in place for the meet, including two dozen firefighters, divers and policemen.

Several places in Pavilly have been excavated, including the Austreberthe river, which crosses the common.

Finally the little boy was found alive in a street of Pavilly to 9: 15 AM. The gendarmes discovered in a state of mild hypothermia.

It has been supported by firefighters, before being taken to the university hospital of Rouen. His days are not in danger.

An investigation was opened to know more about the circumstances of this disappearance.