A 3 year old child found wandering alone in his pajamas in a commercial area

Un enfant de 3 ans retrouvé errant seul en pyjama dans une zone commerciale

A 3 year old child was found wandering in their pajamas at the edge of the road in a commercial area of Vals-prèrs-de-Puy, in the Haute-Loire.

What are passers-by who had discovered and were taken to the police station of le Puy-en-Velay.

The police officers attempted to question the boy, but the latter, too young yet to speak properly, was not able to give his identity.

Fortunately, his mother, wild with worry, called the police three hours later and the child has been reunited with his mother.

The mom explained that it was part rest and had given the little to his brothers and sisters. But these last, instead of the monitor, played video games. They have not seen that their little brother had donned his sneakers and left the house.

The child has traveled 500 meters on foot before being discovered by passers-by.