A batch of new KrAZ trucks sent to Africa

Партию новых грузовиков КрАЗ отправили в Африку

A specific country the supply of cars is not called.

The car chassis KrAZ-63221 (6×6), manufactured under a foreign trade contract, went to the customer in one of the North African countries, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Toamasina.

New counterparty of this country ordered a batch of popular-wheel-drive chassis for the installation of special superstructures for work in the civilian sector. Whereas previously in this country only regularly supplied various models of military vehicles KrAZ.

As noted by the customer upon departure of cars from the company, after the installation of the special equipment they will be used for maintenance of transmission lines and transportation of repair crews.

Shipped KrAZ-63221 different from the serial only extended wheelbase and four-door cabin.

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