A budget version of the Honda Civic “learned” myself to fold the roof

Бюджетная версия Honda Civic "научилась" сама складывать крышу

The Network has shown the process of folding roof for Honda Civic del Sol.This car is known as a budget version of the Honda Civic with rare body type Targa, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Аvtodream.

It was a great car, but if you want to remove the top part, made of plastic, it was necessary to do manually.

But in the models for the European and Japanese markets in equipment included an automatic system it is running.

The whole system is like a robot Butler, but performs only one action – the folding and unfolding of the roof. His hands, resembling a human, which remove the roof, and hide it in a specially reserved place in my trunk. Every motorist should enjoy this quite complicated process to get a deeper understanding of the degree of development of technical progress. It’s possible that after watching this video you will want to start collecting money for this car.

A system designed for the folding car roof, was awarded the title TransTop.

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