A challenge by the theater

Full of societal reflections and suspense, the play Circle, a creation of the Th??tre de la Foul?e, will immerse its audience in the heart of a unique ritual practiced each full moon by four friends of long standing. Their sacred meeting looks very different this time, while their host and leader L?onie misses the call.

The very first production of the Th??tre de la Foul?e, in Coaticook, takes us into the world of four women bound by a peculiar pact. “Like a troop of modern little witches, they come together to live out their values ??among women, apart from the unequal relations of the male-female society. They have rituals to weld together, including the incantation of various goddesses, “says Pamela Dumont, the lead author of the play.

“This evening is not like the others because L?onie, who has more influence than her friends, is absent. It will shake their beliefs, in addition to taking place in a new meeting place. ”

The Coaticook Arts and Culture Pavilion, where the play will be presented, adds an interesting dimension to the play, which director Charlotte Desmarais has exploited beautifully.

“The place where the story unfolds is very mysterious, and as we present the piece in an old church, it allows us to tap into all its elements. On stage, there is a huge organ that we use in the show. The sacred side of the pavilion is fully integrated, because the questioning of what is sacred in our lives comes back throughout the room. It’s going to be really interesting for the spectators. ”

Made in Coaticook

The Th??tre de la Foul?e team, a young women’s company founded three years ago by Pam?la Dumont, Marie-Pier Audet and M?lanie Chouinard at the end of their university studies, has benefited from a generous offer from the Pavilion arts and culture, which proposed to host the troupe at an artistic residency.

“It was the biggest gift. Marie-Pier Audet, who is the founder of the theater company, is a Coaticookoise. This residence allowed us to soak up the environment. The conditions of creation are ideal. Just to rehearse in the theater, which is rare in the theater, allowed us to tap into all the elements that the room offers. We could not have done that if we had been in a small local beige, “laughs Ms. Dumont, grateful.

La Foul?e first presented on tour the creation Maelstr?m – Me who speaks nothing and you who hear all – Between us, the silence (Frankie prize for the best French text, 2015). In winter of 2017, the company offered a reading at the FTUL (Laval University Theater Festival) of what became Circle .

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