A child escapes abduction thanks to a trick set up by her parents

Une enfant échappe à un enlèvement grâce à une astuce mise en place par ses parents

The events took place last November 7, in the county of Pinal, Arizona (United States).

At around 15H45, a 11 year old girl was walking with a friend near a park when a white car was brought to their height.

The motorist has to believe the young girl that her brothers had had a serious accident and that she was to accompany emergency.

The child then remembered the trick she had put up with his parents to verify what the man is.

She asked him for a “code”. His parents have taught him to ask for a password, which is set in advance with his entire family, before you follow a stranger.

Disturbed by the question of the child, the driver gave up and preferred to take flight.

“We congratulate the parents of this child to have developed this scheme, and you have spoken to their children of the danger posed by strangers,” said sheriff Mark Lamb.

The offender is actively sought and an appeal for witnesses has been launched to find him.