A drug against baldness causes of erection problems, they complain

Un médicament contre la calvitie provoque des problèmes d'érection, ils portent plainte

A dozen men have launched a lawsuit against Propecia. This medicine of the laboratory MSD is used against baldness, but it would also be the source of many adverse effects such as decreases in libido, suicidal thoughts or even erection problems.

A dozen of the plaintiffs have decided to launch legal proceedings against the Propecia, a drug to treat male pattern baldness in the laboratory MSD. They say they have been victims of a “lack of information” on the part of the manufacturer.

Propecia is prescribed every year to 30,000 men in France, reveals this Monday, Europe 1. But this medication also causes numerous side effects such as declines in libido, erection problems, and suicidal thoughts.

Of the side effects that are often irreversible for the patients, not always well informed.

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The drug contains finasteride, a substance causing adverse effects. But despite these, the EU believes that the balance of benefit-to-risk is always positive. The experts believe and side effects are quite rare.

This is not the same story for the victims that evoke about 20% of the consumers concerned. In addition, many men would be affected without knowing that their problems are due to the drug.

A first court hearing will therefore take place in the month of April next at the court of Nanterre, in the Hauts-de-Seine. “We believe that the laboratory MSD, and the health authorities, were slow to inform patients, but also doctors, adverse effects, and in particular the irreversible nature”, said master Charles Joseph Oudin, counsel for the victims who request compensation.

Propecia was used previously only for treating hypertrophy of the prostate. Its use in the treatment against the baldness is permitted only since 1999.

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