A drunk driver drove onto the beach at Port Dover and was detained tourists (PHOTO)

Пьяный водитель выехал на пляж в Порт Довере и был задержан отдыхающими  (ФОТО)

According to police, was on Sunday arrested 43-year-old man from Hamilton joren Mako, who is charged with violation of driving rules, driving under the influence and violation of public security.

Christian Ayala was on the beach Under Dover with their relatives and children, when he saw the van bursts into a crowded beach.

“I heard a terrible crunching and grinding of metal, we turned to the noise and saw a van down the curb and sped along the beach,’ said Christine. Then I my aunt shouted “look out!”, because the van was coming right at us”.

Ayala said that a van drove right over folding chairs members of her family, has stalled, and her uncle jumped on the hood of the car to force the driver to stop.

“This guy was shaking his head pressed on the gas pedal, trying to force the car to go further,” she said.

Her husband and other random witnesses pulled the man out of the car.

“The driver kept saying: “You will all pay for this!” said Ayala. – I stared with their children, so I was sure they were all right, but still the first thing we looked under the car to make sure he didn’t hit anybody – it all happened very quickly.”

Provincial police said: “a Few law-abiding citizens were stopped and detained the intruder until the police arrive”.

Detective ed Sanchuk said that the van was demolished one tent and a few chairs, disturbing a few families with young children, many of whom now feel shock, no serious injuries have not received.

Ayala said that she is glad that everything is in order, adding that her family didn’t let fear into your weekend.

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