A famous doctor says that the scandalous businessman Jeffrey Epstein killed

Известный врач говорит, что скандального бизнесмена Джеффри Эпштейна убили

Dr. Michael Baden says that suicide accused of sexual exploitation of women and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein) is unlikely.

Chief medical examiner of new York strongly denies the accused the statement of the famous pathologist, who claims that the autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein is more consistent with homicide than suicide.

“The initial medical investigation was thorough and complete. At our office there is no reason for a second medical investigation,” says the coroner of new York Barbara Sampson. According to her findings, Epstein died by suicide in August in his prison cell, awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking.

The lawyers and family of Epstein refused to accept its conclusion, and the brother of the disgraced financier, has hired Dr. Michael Baden to conduct its own investigation. Baden says that the businessman was killed. He believes that many of Epstein fractures in the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage “is extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and can be found more often in suicidal strangulation”.

“I have not seen for 50 years for that to happen in the case of suicide,” said Baden.