A fatal accident with a Ukrainian minibus in Slovenia, killing Ukrainian

Смертельное ДТП с украинскими микроавтобусами в Словении: погибла украинка

Sunday, December 9, near the Slovenian town of Murska Sobota accident with the Ukrainian minibuses happened. This writes 24ur.com.

One of the bus blew a tire and it turned over on the highway. Unfortunately, it was followed by another minivan whose driver did not have time to brake and crashed into the first.

After hitting the second of the beads flew off the track.

The accident killed 63-year-old Ukrainian, three more people were injured.

It is reported that in one bus there were five passengers in the second — four.

Both of the van, according to police, have Ukrainian registration.

As previously reported “FACTS” in a terrible accident near Lviv killed two people. In addition, in the capital, the woman became a member of two terrible accidents.

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