A father from Indiana will come and kick your ass your children — absolutely for free

Многодетный отец из Индианы надает по заднице вашим детям — совершенно бесплатно

A father from Indiana will come and kick your ass your children — absolutely for free

Author: Anna Starkova

Photo: facebook.com

Indiana USA

In Indiana, a new character with which to scare naughty children is Dwayne Stamper from Muncie, who are ready to spank the naughty. The father of five little children their own offspring – he would love to punish others, if asked to do so.

At least, this service was offered Stamper on his page on Facebook, initiating a lively debate about corporal punishment.

“Parents, your children need a smack on the ass? Come and see me, I’m ready”,

So napical good sense of humor in the caption to his photo, he’s sitting at the plate with a serious graphic Free Ass Whooping LLC, holding the necessary equipment.

“Only until 13 years of age – older children can kick ass to me”

Havehad technyl Stamper. To date, the publication gained almost 9 thousand likes, and shared it 180 thousand times.

46-year-old employee of General Motors explains that the idea to write a kind of post it has prompted a fairly common situation, the witness of which he became the restaurant — a boy aged about five years, threw a tantrum due to the fact that he didn’t buy the gum. Stamper suggested the mother to understand, but she replied that the child is too spoiled and “do not help”. A few minutes passed, but the boy continued to moan, and then the father said to his mother:

“If it should be spanked, he’d immediately calmed down. In my childhood I got it in the ass, and it taught me to obey.”

Stamper admits that inherited such an approach to the education of their own offspring. He is convinced that “children should fear parents as behavior issues arise when they are given too much freedom and are treated like friends”. It does not consider physical punishment of cruel treatment of children, if strikes have only on the fifth point, and not on other parts of the body.

However, the newly minted star Facebook notes that there are age limits — they identified it in the course of parenting their own offspring, who is now 14 to 26 years. According to his father, a hard-line approach only works up to 13 years. Those whose soft spot is not encountered with a belt before that age, know not fear, and therefore to punish them physically meaningless.

Conclusions Stamper caused an avalanche of reviews, and discussing raised the issue was divided into two opposing camps. While many supported the point of view of men, fewer people expressed the belief that such as he is the source of problems in the country.

As a rule, corporal punishment is advocated by those who themselves were exposed to them in childhood, and children humane parents were set against it.

What do you think about this?

The vast majority of studies confirm that physical punishment is not only useless, but harmful.

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So, at the University of Missouri have found that such a disciplinary measure in childhood is bad for development and have a negative impact on behavior and personality in the long run. Broken children more prone to violence and criminal behaviour in adolescence, at the same time demonstrating less positive qualities, such as the propensity to compassion and desire to help others.

To similar conclusions reached by the authors and initiators of other studies, the results of which are collected in the journal Psychology Today.

They all boil down to the fact that aggression only breeds aggression, and nothing useful or constructive in it.

Besides, corporal punishment is not give the child a guideline regarding how to act properly, and show only how to act not. It does not contribute to the decision-making skills, but on the contrary deprives the will and motivation to action developing personality. Much more effective to point you in the right direction your own positive example.

The authoritarian approach to education undermines the confidence of the child to the parents — first, he refuses to close relationships with family, and then from trust relationships in General, building around themselves a protective armor.

Finally, the physical aggression against a small and weak child is simply unethical on the part of the superior physical strength of the parent, who often do not want to think that in addition to the physical pain that causes daze humiliation and mental suffering.

Taking the above into consideration, in 2000 the UN adopted the Convention on the prohibition of physical punishment of children in any form, which has been ratified by 191 out of 196 countries in the world. However, today’s aggressive approach to education is completely taboo, only 43 of the country. In the US, hitting children is still legal, if it does not pass certain limits. Even in schools in 19 States has allowed the use of physical force against students with disciplinary purpose.

In Russia corporal punishment in the family are not prohibited by law, while not recognized as a recurrent phenomenon. In Ukraine education with the use of force is completely banned — however, this does not mean that the law is observed, because in most cases children are subjected to violence behind closed doors.

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