A father kills 3 children with knife and screwdriver

Un père de famille tue 3 enfants à coups de couteau et de tournevis

The horror took place on January 3, last at Texas City, Texas (United States).

A man, 27 years old, killed three young children, including her baby, and seriously injured their mother, aged 24 years.

He is first taken to her daughter-in-law Angela, aged 5 years, smashing the head with blows of the screwdriver.

Then he slaughtered his son-in-law Prince Larry Brown, 2 years old, and his own daughter, aged 6 weeks, by beating and stabbing.

Junaid Hashim Mehmood was then struck his companion Kimaria Nelson, and he shot him several times with a gun pellet in the head.

This is the brother of the killer, who has given the alert after reading a message, worrying on his profile facebook. The police arrived on the scene, have only been able to see the death of the three children. Their mother, meanwhile, is in a critical condition at the hospital.

Junaid Hashim Mehmood was arrested and placed in detention on remand. He could face the death penalty.