A few days of patience before the “real spring”

It will take a few more days before spring settles down for good in Estrie.

It is only at the beginning of next week that we will be able to feel temperatures well above normal for this time of the year.
According to Environment Canada, it will be six degrees Monday and 11 degrees the next day. “We will have warmer than normal temperatures of two degrees a day,” says Steve Boily, a weather forecaster with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“There will be more sun from Sunday. Temperatures will be warmer near the US border. It’s going to be the real spring. ”
Boily is delighted to see that temperatures remain cool at night, which will reduce the risk of flooding. “Melting snow will slow down at night, making river management easier,” he says.

“It’s going to help not to experience the same spring flood like last year, if we have a rainy April.”
We’ll have to keep an eye on two lows that will come to unite in the middle of the week and that could give rain to Quebec.
The equinox took place on Tuesday noon, giving the starting shot of spring 2018 … and at the same time the end of winter. Great opportunity to take stock of the cold season that ends.
According to Boily, the temperature was significantly warmer than normal by almost two degrees. It averaged -6.7 degrees instead of -8.6 normally. December was a little colder, while January was a little warmer. Mars will be very close to normal, but February will have been much warmer with -4.3 degrees compared to -10.4 degrees of normal.
“In terms of snow, Magog may not be completely representative of the amounts that normally fall in your area, but it seems that every month has seen below-average accumulations,” he said. -he.
“In the end, on the 21st day of March, it would have fallen nearly 147 centimeters, whereas Sherbrooke normally receives about 235 centimeters. That’s almost 90 centimeters less. ”
Environment Canada does not expect significant snowfall by the end of the month.

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