A flight attendant died five months after Contracting measles on the plane from new York

Стюардесса умерла через пять месяцев после заражения корью в самолете из Нью-Йорка

The flight attendant who contracted measles during a flight from new York, died Tuesday after several months in the hospital, reports CBS News.

In late March, 43-year-old Rotem Amitai (Amitai Rotem), the mother of three children, worked for the Israeli airline El Al, felt ill after a flight to tel Aviv from new York international airport JFK. Around the same time, the Israel Ministry of health published the announcement that on Board flew a person with measles.

The Times of Israel reports that after hospitalization, the flight attendant vladla in a coma, she had brain damage. Then she was transferred to an isolated intensive care unit and was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis – a condition in which the layers of thin tissue that cover the brain are infected.

According to the analysis of blood woman, she received only one dose of measles, in contrast to the two vaccinations recommended for people of her age.

Center for control and disease prevention reported that this year was 1182 of individual measles cases in 30 States. More than 75 percent of these cases were associated with outbreaks in new York city.