A former part of the RN curry party in a book

Une ancienne cadre du RN étrille le parti dans un livre

Ex-framework of the national Front become the national Gathering, Sophie Montel curry, in a book that looks on Wednesday, his former party that it accuses of amateurism and “kill the sovereignty of France”.

In “Prom tragic national Front” (editions of the Rock), mep Sophie Montel, who left the FN in September 2017, does not spare either the old number two Florian Philippot, of whom she was close and she briefly joined him in his new party, The Patriots: a “bad copy-and-paste of the FN according to it.

Marine Le Pen has called Thursday on RTL the book “terribly crapoteux (…) gravelly”. For Florian Philippot, who was interviewed by the AFP, it is a book “written in the bitterness”.

Sophie Montel says in his book to want to “put the day this sham, this cul-de-sac election”. “These shopkeepers of the national Front to kill the sovereignty in France. (…) They betray knowingly +France of the forgotten+ they have very clearly what to do”.

She who is said to have “died politically at the mirage Marine Le Pen” when this last took over from her father Jean-Marie in 2011, denounces today at the head of the FN “its authoritarianism, its brutality, its aggressiveness, that mask so badly, his lack of authority and political stability”.

“I couldn’t take any more of the violence and constant pressures, cronyism, beat me constantly in the house against windmills, the confusion manifested at the level of political line”, writes the former president of the group FN with the regional council of Burgundy and Franche-Comté, ensuring that in no other movement “you don’t see such a degree of amateurism”.