A French family would be responsible for the return of measles in Costa Rica

Une famille française serait responsable du retour de la rougeole au Costa Rica

While measles has not circulated in Costa Rica since 2014, the health authorities have revealed that a French family (a couple and their 5 year old son) would have brought the virus in the country. They arrived Monday, February 18, by plane, an Air France flight of 300 passengers.

A French family would have reintroduced the measles in Costa Rica, countries where the virus has not circulated since 2014. The ministry costa rican Health has revealed that a couple (a man and a woman, aged 35 and 30 years) and his 5 year old boy had arrived last Monday by an Air France flight, during which they were in contact with 300 passengers for 12 hours.

They were placed in quarantine for seven days in the hospital Monsenor Sanabria in Puntarenas, according to the information relayed by the local press. Medical tests confirmed that they were all three carriers of the virus, highly infectious (it spreads by contact or airborne).

The ministry of Health has also explained that the mother and the child were not vaccinated against measles, and vaccines of the father were not up to date.

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The parents revealed that of the classmates of their sons had contracted the measles, before they leave on vacation.

The government of Costa Rica has scoured the places frequented by this family and attempts to get in contact with people who could potentially be contaminated. Thus, 26 people with whom they were able to get in contact in a San Jose hotel, where they have stayed, have already been identified and vaccinated.

The last time that measles has struck Costa Rica, it was in 2014. It was also a tourist carrier of the virus. Latin America is facing a resurgence of measles: according to La Nacion, 7,000 people have contracted in recent months.

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