A Grammy nominated conductor, of Toronto, resigned because of allegations of harassment (PHOTO)

Номинированный на Грэмми дирижер из Торонто уволился из-за обвинений в домогательствах (ФОТО)

Nominated for a Grammy award for conductor of the Toronto Noel Edison resigned from the post artdirector Mendelianism choir after the investigation began into allegations of sexual crimes.

The leadership of the choir reported that they received a statement from the conductor and took it. Now he is relieved of his duties.

Last month in the choir reported that Edison is absent from the workplace for personal reasons, although in reality the investigation’s already started.

In the choir said that initially they received complaints from third parties about the unprofessional conduct of Edison.

Edison is also active in other areas, including in South-Western Ontario Elora choir of Singers.

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