A grandmother of 90 years, gives a punch to his aggressor

Une mamie de 90 ans donne un coup de poing à son agresseur

The facts were held Tuesday, February 12, in the district of Pempelfort in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Around 10.30 am, a woman of 90 years came in the lobby of a building when she was the victim of an assault.

An individual attempted to snatch her purse which was hung on his walker.

But in his nineties did not let him do that. She screamed for help and responded with a violent punch to his aggressor.

Touched the nose, the attacker has preferred to take the flight.

When she filed a complaint at the police station, the old lady told also the police that she participated in regular weight training at the gym.

As the aggressor, the latter is actively being sought by the forces of law and order.