A hole in the nasal septum, bleeding and snoring: what are the risks of nose piercing

Дырка в носовой перегородке, кровотечения и храп: чем грозит пирсинг носа

Why Teens and the epidemic of young people getting tattoos and piercings? Some believe that it is fashionable, others want to stand out and attract attention to themselves, and others imitated the inhabitants of some countries which have adopted every possible way to decorate herself. The imagination of Ukrainians knows no bounds: in the course are drawings all over her body, navel piercing, nose, eyebrow, lips, and even language, often sexual organs. Extremely minded person decided on a shocking action: fill in with ink the whites of the eyes, implanted under the skin of various parts. But the impact on health, for example, the nose piercing? What if after he had unpleasant consequences?

— The nose is the center of the face and always well visible, — says head of the Department of otolaryngology National medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets, doctor of medical Sciences Professor Yulia Deeva. — If the ear, completely littered with stretched rings or the “pipe” you can hide under the hair or cap, with a nose that will not work. Therefore, those who are going to install the nose ring to attach to the lateral surface of a star or a stud, or bead, it is advised to think well about the consequences. Parents should explain to the teenager that he will soon grow up and then what? Yes, piercing is common in India, some African countries, but it is a national tradition and culture. And we?

— Who can’t do the piercing?

— People who have blood clotting disorder or often have nosebleeds. You also need to abandon the piercing for those who are prone to allergies, because it is impossible to predict how to react to the body’s tissues to the metal. I do not advise to touch the nose of those who suffer from frequent runny nose or moved rinosinusit — inflammation of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses. Piercing, done quick in the first salon, may lead to inflammation if the wound gets dust, grease, dirt. And nobody knows what the outcome of the development of the inflammatory process.

— What will be the consequences of nose piercing?

— You mean the situation when grown-up people decide to get rid of nose rings? Sometimes that is formed in the puncture site perforation of the nasal septum is not prolonged despite treatment ointments and creams. Concerned about human whistling sound when you breathe, crusting on the nasal mucosa are more likely to have nosebleeds. Then you need to have surgery, during which the specialist will close the hole, ICEcat inflamed skin and mucous membranes. Another danger, which do not account for fans of piercings on his face: when damage to the skin may form rough keloid scars, disfiguring face. Work is good, but not always leads to success. Then the person needs to hide defects, applying a thick layer of makeup. Teenage desire to stand out and assert themselves could spoil adult life.

— What else causes damage to the nasal septum?

— Patients are often wrong (unduly long periods and in large doses) use vasoconstrictor drops and nasal sprays. Periodically change the drugs because it is addictive, but in the end did not can do without them. And then you come to the doctor, but often so impressed by the mucosa is thinned, covered in ulcerations, and even with a hole in the nasal septum that help is difficult.

— Sometimes the people at the dentist treats the teeth and the maxillary sinus into the particles of the filling material — it is inflamed. What to do?

Usually after we conduct a small survey operation using the endoscope, remove filling material from the sinuses. Fear of surgery is not invasive and allows you to delete all the contents through a small intranasal access. Go trapped in the sinus filling material is dangerous, because it often causes the formation of the fungal body (mycetoma). The person worried about the feeling of nasal congestion, discomfort in the sinus, it may be worse to catch the smell, and nasal discharge have a bad smell.

— Can I do without surgery?

Alas, no other manipulations and medications, even the most powerful antifungal medications do not relieve mycetoma. It can develop to break down the walls of sinuses, to reach the nose, to hit the eye orbit. We are often faced with the fact that patients come with mycetoma already fallen into the nasal cavity, partially or completely destroying the bony wall separating the sinus from the nasal cavity. Such patients is quite difficult to treat.

What are the risks of perforation of the nasal septum

  • Frequent inflammation of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
  • Loud snoring and the emergence of apnea — stop breathing during sleep.
  • Oxygen starvation of the brain.
  • Visible deformity of the nose.
  • Constant shortness of breath.
  • By headache and dizziness.

Meanwhile, American scientists have invented a “smart tattoo”: a drawing made on the body special biochemically, zoom, changing color, dehydrated or has fallen sharply the level of glucose in the blood.

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