A major security flaw that was discovered on FaceTime

Une importante faille de sécurité découverte sur FaceTime

A security flaw recently discovered in FaceTime – the video calling application to Apple – allows the user to hear and even see, its corresponding on an iPhone even before he has dropped, raising fears about the confidentiality of the data.

The bug, first reported on the website of Apple products 9to5Mac.com has also been reported by several media outlets.

A video posted on the Twitter account @BmManski shows the ease with which this bug allows you to listen to the sound from an iPhone contacted via FaceTime. On Monday evening, it had totaled over a million views and had been shared 10,000 times in California.

Twitter users have explained on the social network how to disable FaceTime, the time that correction.

A page of Apple support indicates that the group FaceTime is “temporarily unavailable” since 19h16 local time (03:16 GMT) because of a “problem” in current, non-specified.

A press release from Apple, cited in the american media, claims the manufacturer of the iPhone is aware of the problem and has “identified a fix that will be introduced in a software update later in the week”.

According to a video posted on Twitter, when a person dials a phone number on FaceTime, she can sweep the screen to the top and choose an option to add a corresponding.

If the caller then enters his own number on the screen, “add a person”, a group call starts even if the contact has not yet off the hook.

The caller can then listen and even, according to some videos, to see through the camera of his device. The refusal of the call connection breaks.

“Turn off FaceTime for now, until Apple corrects” advised Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, in a message posted on the social network.

His post included a message from the specialist in new technologies Andy Baio. “You want to see a really bad bug?”, there he asks. “You can use FaceTime to attach any device running IOS 12.1 and listen at a distance —WITHOUT The OTHER PERSON DOES DECROCHE”.

No person in charge of Apple, as requested, had not yet responded by Monday evening.