A man 36-year-old kills his wife for the inheritance and then accuse his daughter of 9 years

Un homme de 36 ans tue son épouse pour l'héritage puis fait accuser sa fille de 9 ans

Rod Covlin, 45 years, appeared this week before a Court in the United States for the murder of his wife. Shele Danishefsky, 47 years old, had been found dead in 2009 in his bath by his 2 children.

The husband, then aged 36, had tried to believe that she had drowned. But the autopsy had revealed that she had been strangled to death.

Feeling threatened, Rod Covlin was then decided in 2012, that is, 3 years later, to accuse his own daughter, 9-years old at the time of the facts.

To do this, he has created a false letter of confession allegedly written on a smartphone by her daughter, 9-years old at the time of the facts. He then sent the letter by mail to legal guardians of the girl :

“I lied. It has not just slipped. On this day, we had an argument about his relationship status… I got angry and I pushed, but it could not be so violent ! I didn’t want to hurt him ! I swear ! But she fell and I heard a terrible noise and the water turned red and I tried to lift her head, but she was not moving. ”

Rod Covlin has murdered his wife because the latter wanted to disinherit by removing his name from his will. The fortune of his ex-wife is estimated to be 4.37 million euros. The victim also wanted a divorce because of infidelities, multiple of her ex-husband.

When he learned that his own parents took control of the fortune of the victim, he has pushed his daughter to serve tea-filled death-to-rats. In a fit of remorse, the father of the family is now, finally, walk-to-back, hesitating, however, not to accuse his own father of incest on his daughter.

The award will be known on the 14th of January next.