A man beheaded his wife, killed the baby and then hanged himself

Мужчина обезглавил жену, убил ребенка, а потом повесился сам

A resident of new York beheaded his wife, slit her throat, 5th year old daughter and then hanged himself. Cause of murders and suicides was that the woman was trying to get the restrictive order of convergence for my husband a few hours earlier.

Horrible double murder-suicide occurred in Harlem. Jonathan Tedla (Yonathan Tedla) and Jennifer Schlecht (Schlecht Jennifer) began divorce proceedings, in which a few hours before the tragedy, the woman tried to get a protective order from the judge.

Schlecht was found decapitated in the bathroom, with his own head on the lap of Her daughter, 5-year-old Abaynesh, also killed the father cut her throat. He Tedla found hanging on a rope in the bedroom.

Schlecht was a senior Advisor on issues of emergency preparedness and response organizations and Family Planning 2020. According to relatives, her husband threatened death if she will file for divorce.