A man with a 9-meter nails ceremoniously circumcised them in new York (photos)

Мужчина с 9-метровыми ногтями торжественно обрезал их в Нью-Йорке (фото)

A man with a 9-meter nails ceremoniously circumcised them in new York (photos)

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Twitter/GuinnessWorldRecords

India New York

The owner of the longest fingernails in the world have lost them in new York.

66-year-old Sridhar Chillal from India flew to new York, to officially cut the 9-metre (31 ft) nails on his left hand. His achievement was officially registered in the Guinness Book of records.

Nails the length of a London bus will be on display at “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” in times square.

Shridhar Chillal grew his fingernails for 66 years, since 1952. In the words of men, when he was still a teenager, he accidentally broke a long nail of his teacher in school. He somehow became very angry and told the guy to nothing seriously and does not understand the possible consequences of their actions.

“It was for me as a challenge” – said Chillal.

Since then he has been growing nails on his left hand, leaving the right hand “normal”. Interestingly, the man is quite successful in work (he is a government photographer in India) and family (Chillal – wife, two children and three grandchildren). The nails on his left hand he kept in a specially sewn bag, so they did not break. Once a month, the son of shridhar chillal of cleaning his nails.

According to the man, he wanted to show people that can do their job with one hand as well as two.

Now, after 66 years, Chillal cut your giant nails in new York. Unfortunately, due to the weight of the nails of his left hand almost lost the capacity. But his record he definitely established.

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