A mom of 24 years splitting his 2 year old son and believe it is a kidnapping

Une maman de 24 ans démembre son fils de 2 ans et fait croire à un enlèvement

Saturday, Nakira Griner has landed completely in a panic at a police station in Bridgeton, New Jersey (United States), and explained that his 2 year old son had just been kidnapped.

The young 24 year old woman stated to police that she was walking his child in a stroller when all of a sudden, a man had thrown himself on her and had been dropped before the hit the ground kicking.

The individual had then grabbed the boy in the stroller and had run away with.

A wide array of research has then immediately been put in place to find the little Daniel. But, very quickly, the investigators noted inconsistencies in the narrative of the mother.

So, they decided to search his property and what they have discovered inside is horrible.

In the night, around 3: 00, the police found the remains of the child’s burned and dismembered in a hand bag and garbage bag under a shed in the yard of the house.

Placed in custody, Nakira confessed to having hit Daniel because he did not want “to eat or listen to.” Under the blows of her mother, the child of 2 years old fell down the stairs and died.

She then disposed of the body in the — dismembering and burning the pieces.

The prize pool has been launched on the internet in order to help the father of Daniel, father also has 2 other children. 7500 dollars have already been collected.