A mother from Texas sit down for 6 years for what he did сыну13 unnecessary operations

Мать из Техаса сядет на 6 лет за то, что сделала сыну13  ненужных операций

A mother from Texas was sentenced to six years in prison after that son was subjected to several unnecessary medical procedures and operations.

Cailin Bowen-Wright (By Bowen-Wright) before sentencing, has pleaded guilty to reckless injury to a child. She was brought to Christopher, who is now 10 years old, in the hospital 320 times, however, he passed hundreds of tests and courses of treatment, as well as 13 unnecessary operations for the first 8 years of life.

The child protective services took the boy from the custody of the mother in 2017, after the hospital of Dallas has advised that the mother exposes son to violence through treatment. He didn’t have cancer and other diseases, as insisted Bowen-Wright, demanding new operations. The child’s father Ryan Crawford had unsuccessfully tried to stop her, until he came to the court.