A mysterious “sea monster” turned out to be fake

Загадочное «морское чудовище» оказалось фейком

The mysterious remains were found on the beach in March this year.

“Sea monster”, the remains of which were found on the shore in March this year, was a fake.

It is known that the creature was found in the marine sanctuary of American Jeff Urena. The strange animal had a long neck and small head.

Specified by the American, later was visited by biologists. Then the scholars differed – some thought it was a dead doll, at the time, as others suspected that the monster was not at all.

In the end, it turned out that a strange creature was a stuffed shark, to which he added elements from papier-mache. It was produced by new York-based artist with an alias Sardou hiding the real name and face behind the bearded mask.

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