A naked man was running through the airport Daytona beach and shouted that he’d planted a bomb (Video)

A naked man was running through the airport Daytona beach and shouted that he’d planted a bomb (Video)

Author: Paul Cote

Troublemaker admitted the use of the drug “Molly” also known as MDMA. Photo: flickr.com/cc/iagoarchangel/

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Another proof that drugs have a detrimental impact on physical health and psychological, has been demonstrated by law enforcement officers of the County, Volusi (Florida). Police showed a video in which a naked man in a poor state of running around the airport building in Daytona beach. It happened Friday morning, may 11.

It is known that officers responded to reports of people about the strange visitor who clearly was not himself. When the troublemaker has discovered he ran through the premises of the airport and rode the carousel. The man was ordered to calm down and lie down on the ground, but the demands of the police he ignored. Then it applied the stun gun and knocked unconscious, then arrested.

As told at the briefing Mike Chitwood , County Sheriff Volusi, during the detention, the suspect claimed that everyone in the airport people need to leave the building because “he planted a bomb in the lavatory“.

On the video from the lapel camera of one of the officers heard that a naked troublemaker admits to the use of the drug “Molly“also known as MDMA. This is a semi-synthetic psychoactive substance amphetamine-type. The drug causes a feeling of euphoria and a feeling of openness, but at the same time may be the cause of strengthening of depression, anxiety and fear.

Just in case the scene were called sapperswho checked the statements of the suspect and found in the airport toilet bag. Though it was folded things obviously belonging to a naked man, but traces of bombs to find it and failed.

A violator of the peace was a 25-year-old John Greenwood, whose identity is well known to local law enforcement. In 2007, he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer. Besides, the man has 7 times filed about the burglary of his car and housing.

Greenwood admitted after his arrest, will soon be charged with false reports about the mining, breaking and entering, resisting arrest and indecent exposure.

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