A pedophile escapes from prison, enters a school and attempts to abduct a young girl

Un pédophile s'évade d'une prison, entre dans une école et tente d'enlever une fillette

On the 16th of October last, John Harris, inmate, 36-year-old, escaped from the prison Leyhill near Bristol, in Great Britain, where he was serving a sentence of 7 years in prison for acts of pedophilia.

During its run, it is introduced in a primary school in the city of Gloucheshire and knocked on the door of a classroom.

A teacher opened the door and John Harris was asked if he was good at reception and the teacher replied that it is not.

Then, in the corridors, he grabbed a girl and started to threaten her.

Fortunately, the professor was not alone, there was another adult with him and they have managed to master John Harris.

The police arrived shortly after and sent the criminal to prison.

John Harris had been sentenced to 7 years in prison for acts of pedophilia, in particular, it was introduced in a hospital disguised as a doctor and had attempted to abduct two children under the threat of a knife.

It will soon be on trial for escape or attempted child abduction.