A platform has been created for the destruction of cancer cells

Создана платформа для уничтожения раковых клеток

Nanoparticles are easily detected using MRI.

The researchers first showed that the hybrid nanomaterial based on particles of magnetite-gold can serve as a universal platform for the detection of cancer cells anywhere in the body and targeted drug delivery in these cells. With the opening in the next few years will be to create and implement a new generation of facilities for the treatment of malignant tumors. The results of the work outlined in the pages of Scientific Reports.

One of the areas of modern medicine – theranostics combines diagnostics and therapy at the cellular level. Her task is to learn to detect the disease at such an early stage, when the body only there were some pathogenic cells. If you mark these cells with magnetic nanoparticles, they can be diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and destroy targeted deliver a drug or a magnetic field, which heats the cage, with the result that she destroyed.

Such magnetic nanoparticles and decided to create an international group of scientists, which included Russian specialists. On a substrate made of gold nanoparticles they have grown octahedral crystals of magnetite (Fe3O4). The obtained nanoparticles were tested in vitro outside a living organism, in cell culture and in vivo in mice with grafted tumors. Due to its octagonal shape and good magnetic properties of these nanoparticles is easily detected using MRI.

“We managed to combine gold nanoparticles and magnetite in such a hybrid, and magnetic properties, and cure myself able to bear, – said one of the study participants, Maksym Abakumov. – Turned “nanopencil”, which could become that platform – a universal basis – theranostics of the future.”

The scientists also showed that these particles into the tumor to deliver the anticancer drug doxorubicin. Inside the tumor, it is released from the nanoparticles and begins to act. In place of doxorubicin in the “nanochannel” you can put almost any drug. This versatility allows is to be hoped that in the next few years a new generation of facilities for the treatment of malignant tumors, the researchers note.

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