A postponement of Brexit would give more time for a Canada-UK deal.

The UK’s high commissioner in Ottawa said on Thursday that postponing Brexit with the EU would give his country more time to forge a true free trade agreement with Canada.

The UK is not legally allowed to enter free trade negotiations until it leaves the EU, but High Commissioner Susan the Younger of Allegeershecque said the biggest trade negotiator from his country met regularly with Canada to outline an agreement between the two countries.

The United Kingdom continues to be part of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada as long as it is a member of the 28-nation grouping.

M me the Allegeershecque Young said that Canadian and British negotiators sought to reproduce as much as possible CETA in a bilateral pact.

This includes technical discussions on specific chapters and topics, she told The Canadian Press Thursday after a frustrated European Union granted the United Kingdom a reprieve until the end of October, after an emergency meeting with Premier Theresa May.

This extension avoids the departure without the agreement of the EU which was to occur on Friday, which would have triggered the immediate imposition of commercial tariffs with the other members.