A prisoner who survived clinical death, demanding the release because was serving a life sentence

Заключенный, переживший клиническую смерть, требует освобождения, потому что отбыл пожизненный срок

The prisoner claims that his life sentence ended after he briefly “died”.

A convicted murderer in Iowa was asked about the release, claiming that he experienced death and came back to life thanks to the doctors at the emergency room. Now 66-year-old Benjamin Schreiber (Benjamin Schreiber), in 1997, convicted of premeditated murder, requires his release, since his punishment is over.

Schreiber was sentenced to life imprisonment without right to parole. However, technically, since he survived the death of his term completed. In 2015, due to the kidney stone he fell into septic shock and was resuscitated, but still the court of Iowa denied his release.

He claims that as briefly died, his time in prison is now illegal, because the punishment provided for only one life behind bars.