A profitable business was organized by the veterans of the ATO

Прибыльный бизнес организовали ветераны АТО

Two veterans of the ATO have created a farm for growing greens on substrates and hydroponics.

While the veteran raises the bow and just looking for more room to expand its operations, reports Radio.Freedom.

“I was involved in business activities before he went to the front, and the war stimulated me to continue and develop,” says the Cossack Ilya Voloshin.

He says that since he returned from the war, it was the business courses from the State service for the Affairs of war and participants of anti-terrorist operation.

Then Elijah, along with his father began to start this business. Subsequently he was joined by his colleague Igor Richter.

They said that he served from 2014 to 2017 as part of the volunteer unit “Carpathian Sich”, the 93rd brigade.

Now the defenders of Ukraine experimenting with simple plants, but over time will begin to grow and the strawberries.