A prostitute 14 years of age injured by a bullet during a robbery

Une prostituée de 14 ans blessée par balle lors d'un braquage

The events took place last November in a hotel, First class Herblay in Val d’oise.

Three young men have contacted two prostitutes, aged 14 and 19 years of age, pretending to be customers.

When they entered the hotel room, one of them demanded money under the threat of a gun. For a reason still unknown, the man holding the gun, fired and wounded the youngest of the young girls at the foot.

The shot has prompted the three robbers to flee.

Two of them, aged 22 and 23 years, were arrested Tuesday morning and placed in police custody. They have been identified through the telephony and video surveillance of the hotel.

As for the victim, she gets out of it by a miracle with a slight foot injury.