A rare release and a bold look: Pelageya took part in the recording of the Christmas show

Anna Sedokova, Polina Gagarina and Pelagia

32-year-old Pelagia very consciously suited to organizations of his time — for everything party, the singer goes, but the star managed to combine work and entertainment. In the past the input channel TNT filmed a Christmas show Comedy Club, which will air on December 31, and Pelagia was the guest of the occasion.

Along with Pelageya in the magical atmosphere mogrosides and other stars of the Russian platform, for example, Anna Sedokova and Polina Gagarin, who was the singer company at the table.


If a guest chose classic black dress, Pelagia made a bid for bright image. The celebrity chose the ruby color outfit from Ulyana Sergeenko. Special attention was attracted to the peplum cut and paste, imitating the Lacy underwear. Courage Pelagia fans appreciated under a photo from filming the netizens did not skimp on the compliments.

Too gorgeous!

You are fined for exceeding perfection!


Fitted cut emphasized the slender figure of the singer, and the way many recalled the Golden era of Hollywood — at least laying with curls Pelagia clearly did, inspired by the divas of the silver screen 40 years.

What about the look of the singer?

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